Alen Corporation Air Purifiers

We have had many customers contact us concerning our AllerAir 5000 DS Air Purifiers and replacement filters. Customer's have pointed out, that Alen Corporation, an air purifier company based in Austin, TX has an active Webpage URL that shows the AllerAir 5000 DS Smoke Air Purifier. 

Alen Link:
Alen Link:

We have reached out to Alen Corporation to no avail, and have sent a Cease and desist letter concerning the un-authorized use of the AllerAir Trademark and products names in their active webpage URL's.

Alen Corporation response: "your letter alleges my client is using the mark ALLERAIR in the URL If you attempt to access a web page via this link, you will find that the link returns a 404 error, meaning that this web page does not reside on the Alen website. Alen is not responsible for third parties, like Google or other web search providers, maintaining links to web pages not
present on Alen’s website"

Below is a screenshot of the 404 page, although they did remove the AllerAir content we requested, they kept the webpage URL active, instead of completely deleting the webpages. Also this webpage does reside on Alen Corporation website.

AllerAir would like to point out that we are not associated with Alen Corporation, nor do we sponsor or endorse Alen productions. 

Sadly though Alen Corporation is creating confusion among customers.

AllerAir does respect all of our competitors, but with these type of marketing practices, this only confuses current and potential customers, from getting the customer service they need, when trying to get support for AllerAir products.