About Us


When a close family member was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), having symptoms attributed to low-level chemical exposures, President Sam Teitelbaum set out to research and develop an air purifier that would not only remove particles, but airborne chemicals and odors. This initiative quickly established AllerAir as unique in the industry, and led to the development of over 100 different air purifier models.

Now with offices in the U.S. and Canada, a committed team of employees and Indoor Air Quality Experts, AllerAir has become a prominent leader with units used in residential, business, and commercial applications. 


The AllerAir Difference

AllerAir is proud to offer air purifiers that feature the deepest carbon beds on the market, with up to 40 different proprietary carbon blends. Our carbon beds are made up of actual granular pieces of carbon, not crushed carbon, and can be customized with between 4 pounds and 120 pounds of carbon to efficiently adsorb any gasses, odors and chemicals. The lifespan of our carbon is far greater than many competitors, and has an unparalleled adsorption capacity.

AllerAir units have metal housing, not plastic ones, and are designed with powder-coated paint, preventing any off gassing. Their carbon filters are also lined with two additional pre-filters, providing increased filtration, and extending the performance of the Super HEPA filter. The carbon canisters are also refillable and thus environmentally friendly.

With increased dangers and illnesses associated with poor air quality, AllerAir also recognizes the responsibility it has to create units that provide businesses and residences with the cleanest indoor air available. AllerAir is proud of its superior carbon filtration methods, and takes it a step further by offering more options and features at an equal or better price value than its competitors. With the most extensive line of air purifiers available on the market and North American manufacturing, AllerAir is confident that its line of products is the most advanced on the market.

AllerAir Dealers

The team of AllerAir dealers is an integral part of the success of the company. Acting as representatives in the marketplace and educating the public on the importance of air purification, AllerAir's role is to provide its dealers with advanced products, knowledgeable support and effective marketing tools to ensure their success.

AllerAir recognizes that its dealers have front line contact with end-users, making the feedback provided by dealers and agents a highly valued and encouraged part of the sales process. In many cases, the collective suggestions and feedback from our network has resulted in new product innovations and specialized units.

Many dealers also feel great satisfaction in helping end-users who express a high level of satisfaction with AllerAir products, and who often refer their friends and family after experiencing the difference these units have made in their quality of life.