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As a manufacturer AllerAir offers a complete line of Air Purifiers and filters at wholesale prices for Dealers, Drop Shippers, and Distributors worldwide.AllerAir Air Purifiers are renown as robust units with the most Activated Carbon / Charcoal filters, that purify the air of chemiclas, VOC's, Formaldehyde, Smoke, Fumes, Odors, and Dust.

Indoor air pollution is a serious threat to public health worldwide. You can make a difference. AllerAir air purifiers offer air cleaning beyond simple particles. Our industry-leading deep-bed carbon filters remove the widest range of today's modern pollutants including chemicals, odors, fumes, gases and particles.

If you'd like to become part of our worldwide distributor network please fill-out and submit the document below. Someone from our business development team will contact you shortly.

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