AirMedic Pro 6 is formerly known as 6000 Series

The AirMedic Pro 6 series units provide exceptional chemical and odor filtration as well as superior particle control, but in a larger housing than the smaller AirMedic 5 series. They are ideal for larger spaces and can accommodate larger filters. 

The filtration inside can be customized to offer general, moderate, heavy or specialized filtration. You can upgrade your unit in the future, just by ordering different filters (smoke, heavy filtration, MCS etc.).

How do I pick an AllerAir air purifier size?

Units in the 6 series are ideal for larger sized rooms or offices. If you have smaller rooms or lighter filtration needs  you can also consider units in the AirMedic 5 series. For travel or portability consider our space-saver series.

Carbon Blends

For general filtration of chemicals gases and odors, select our standard EXEC carbon blend. For use in spaces where VOCs or other chemicals are the concern, consider the VOCARB carbon blend. 


Our units come standard with our SuperHEPA particle filter. It has no glues or bonding agents and is more travel resistant that traditional HEPA (which is also available upon request. 

Plus units feature a 3" carbon filter
HD units feature a 3.5" carbon filter
Ultra units feature a 5" carbon filter 
MCS units are for multiple chemical sensitivities or chemical injury

S units are designed for smoke
VOG  units are designed for volcanic smog and SO2


affected lungs

How does activated carbon work? 

Used on the world’s most hazardous airborne pollutants, activated carbon is one of the safest and most effective filtration methods in use today.

Activated carbon actually attracts pollutants and traps them in millions of tiny pores and fissures. The surface area in activated carbon is so extensive, that if you could spread out all of the microscopic openings found in only one teaspoon of activated carbon, it would cover an entire football field. This unique quality allows carbon remove very large amounts of chemicals, gases and odors.

Filters with only a small amount of carbon or carbon dust sprayed onto mesh won't have as many openings for pollutants to be trapped and can quickly be saturated. This results in most frequent filter changes and ineffective filtration.

AllerAir filter last on average 2 to 5 years, depending on the pollution level.

What air quality issue can we help you with?

General Filtration

Asthma & Allergies

Odors & Chemicals

Smoking products

chemical injury


vog & so2

wildfire smoke

nail salons & spas