Product of the Month: AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Purifier

AllerAir Product of the Month: Pro 6 HDS

The AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Cleaner is a high end air purifier designed and manufactured to filter smoke and harmful VOCs from wildfires. The Pro 6 HDS unit comes with a Tar Trapping Pre-filter, Super HEPA filter (H14) Merv 18 rated, and 3.5" Thick Activated carbon filter with 29 lbs of 100% Virgin Activated Carbon. 

The AllerAir Smoke Carbon blend used in the activated carbon filter is a special blend that is all organic and does not contain any chemical additives.

AllerAir has been known for over 28 years for it's series of Air Purifiers dedicated for Wildfire Smoke, Cigar smoke, and wood burning smoke. The AirMedic Pro 6 HDS air purifier with 560 CFM motor, is an upgrade from the legacy 6000 DXS air purifiers. 

Pollutants in Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire Smoke Contaminants

Wildfire Smoke is a health risk for everyone including pets. Wildfire smoke is a hazardous mix of gases, particles, and water vapor that contain the following pollutants.

Ozone, Methane, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5), Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), and many other dangerous chemicals depending on the materials that are burned. 

During heavy smoke conditions, which can vary depending on enviornmnetal conditions, everyone is at risk, regardless of age or health. Some people are at more of a risk than others. 

During heavy smoke conditions, it is important to take action to protect your health, and avoid exposure to wildfire smoke. 

The best protection against wildfire smoke in your home, is a strong reliable Air Purifier that is strong enough to cover the full area, and most importantly, an Air Purifier with Activated Carbon. An Air Purifier with premium quality carbon, and an aqdequate amount of carbon in the carbon filter, like any of the AllerAir Air Purifiers designed for smoke. 

Product of the Month Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Cleaner

AirMedic Pro 6 HDS

The AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Purifier comes with the following filter media, which is effective for VOCs, fumes, odors, particles, and gases from wildfire smoke. 

1 x Tar Trapping Pre-Filter
1 x Super HEPA Filter (H14) Merv 18
1 x 3.5" Carbon Filter 29 lbs (Smoke Carbon Blend) 

The Pro 6 HDS Air Purifier uses a 560 CFM Blower/Motor, which can filter up to 2000 Sq Ft.

The AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Purifier comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

The AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Air Cleaner, is an industry leading air purifier with activated carbon blend for wildfire smoke.

With the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Purifier being product of the month, we are excited to offer a 20% Discount for the month of July.

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Pro 6 HDS Smoke Air Purifier

How the AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Air Purifier is Used

The AirMedic Pro 6 HDS Smoke air purifier is used anywhere where Smoke is the main contaminant in the air. The Smoke Series Air Purifiers along with the special Tar Trapping pre-filter and carbon blend for smoke, is effective at removing particles, gases, VOCs., smoke, and odors that are airborne in the area, where the air purifier is being used. 

For years the AllerAir smoke series air cleaners have been used for Woodburning smoke from stoves, Cigar and Cigarette smoke, filtering the air of second hand smoke, and filtering the carcinogens associated with Tobacco smoke. 

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The Smoke series air purifiers are also being used in Court rooms and Schools during Smudging Ceremonies, a Cultrual practice by Indigenous peoples, from many First Nations In North America. 

In Canada Indigenous people have a right to perform a Smudging ceremony in Schools, Courts, and Government buildings. 

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