Product of the Month AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Air Purifier

AllerAir Product of the Month: AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke

The AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Air Purifier has the largest carbon filter on the market, with a 5" thick carbon filter with 34 lbs of activated carbon. The Pro 6 Ultra S air cleaner comes with a Tar-Trapping Pre-filter, Super HEPA (H14), and 5" Activated Carbon filter, with a special carbon blend that is effective for al kinds smoke, including Wildfire smoke, removing harmful VOCs, chemicals, odors, and particles. 

The AllerAir Carbon blend used in the activated carbon filter is a special blend that is all organic and does not contain any chemcial additives. 

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Product of the Month: AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Eater

The AllerAir AirMedfic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Air Purifier comes with the following filter media, which is effective for Wildfire Smoke, Cigar Smoke, Wood burning Stoves, Cooking Smoke, and Tabacco smoke.

1 x Tar-Trapping Pre-Filter
1 x Super HEPA Filter (H14) Merv 18
1 x 5" Thick Carbon Filter (Smoke) 34 lbs

The Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Air Purifier uses a 560 CFM Blower/Motor, which can filter up to 2000 Sq Ft.

The Pro 6 Ultra S Air Purifier comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

The AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Air Cleaner, is an industry leading air purifier with the most amount of activated carbon on the market.

With the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S being product of the month, we are excited to offer a 20% Discount for the month of March.

Direct link: AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Air Purifier 

AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S Smoke Filters

Pro 6 Ultra Smoke Carbon Filter
Pro 6 Ultra Smoke Carbon filter 5
Wildfire Smoke

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