Air Purifier Scams : 6 Ways to Avoid Them

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How to Avoid Air Purification Schemes

Fraud : Preliminary Information

The air purification industry is rife with scams and misrepresentations most likely due in part to the intrinsic value of clean indoor air. Some companies will take advantage of the people who need and demand cleaner air, especially those who suffer because they require optimal indoor air quality. Clean air is a luxury for everyone, both rich or poor. The value of clean air is no different from clean drinking water. In every part of the world, we drink filtered water and our air needs some serious cleaning. An air purifier does not clean the environment or save the whales but rather, the air that you do have control over can be optimized. The air in your living space and work environment, or your mode of transport. your living space and work environment. These are places where you can take control of your indoor air quality (IAQ).

The first step is to make sure you purchase the ideal and appropriate unit for your specific needs. Your goals should be well thought out, so that you can ask the right questions to the experts who will guide you towards the right air purifier.

You don't have to be a chemist to understand the world of air cleaning systems. By educating yourself, your decisions are backed by understanding and thus more tailored to your specific and personal needs. AllerAir hires air quality experts and you can call us with any questions to educate and guide your understanding.

There are important bits of information to learn about air purification and a good starting point is knowing how not to become part of any air purifier scams. The more you know, as mentioned prior, the better armed you will be to properly choose exactly what is required to solve your issue(s). Customization is sometimes required for those people who have serious and/or specific air quality issues that they want solved. There should be no limit to the specialization offered to your customized needs and solutions.


The Oule Classic Scam - Companies in China That Forge Low Quality Copies of Existing Brands

There is a recent surge of demand for air purifiers in China. An Air Purifier company in Beijing, China, Oule Classic air purifier fraud and scams, copies, then sells low quality air purifiers that are merely a shadow of the original. Oule Classic (Beijing) air purification systems are taking other brand names, such as ours, AllerAir and selling lower quality versions to unsuspecting customers in China.


While Air Purifiers Do Their Job, So Should You:

Many people presuppose that air purification units will actually clean the furniture and floors. This is not the case and best achieved with a good vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter and dusting cloth, or a good broom for furniture and wood floors. Remember, air purifiers don't perform your household chores for you. Many people buy air cleaners and forget they need to upkeep the same day to day household chores.

An air purifier is only part of your allergy control program. Certain allergens like pollen are heavy, and fall to the floor or furniture before an air purifier has time to catch them. Some remedial actions require clean up and rearranging your home environment to be more allergy friendly, others require the use of other allergy relief products such as a steam cleaner for chemical free cleaning. Let's not delay any farther here are  6 methods for arming yourself against common air purifier scams:

6 Ways to Avoid Common Air Purifier Scams


1. Know your indoor air pollutants



HEPA Filters, Devoid of any Activated Carbon Filtration

A HEPA filter alone is unable to filter out chemicals and irritating odors because HEPA only removes particles. You need both a HEPA and a large activated carbon filter to also remove airborne chemicals and gases that are harmful to human health.

AllerAir has air experts available by calling 1-888-852-in these types of air purifiers and will help you find the best air cleaner for your indoor air problems. Learn more about Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)


2. Be Aware of the Health Effects

Health symptoms linked to polluted indoor air:

Source control, improved ventilation and humidity control are all important steps to improve indoor air quality, but a portable air purifier with a deep bed of activated carbon and a HEPA filter will help clean the air 24/7.


3. Insist on a Complete Air Cleaner

A complete air purifier has a multi-stage filtration system:

AllerAir provides the most complete air cleaning solutions with the largest and deepest activated carbon filters.information you need to avoid making the wrong air purifier purchase.


4. Compare Companies and Models

Look for air cleaners that are made with the most inert and environmentally friendly materials possible. Focus one finding the most relevant filtration media for your specific need. As a minimal requirement, take note to select an air purifier with the following qualities:



5. Talk to an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Expert

For the best protection against harmful indoor air pollutants, you need a serious air purifier that works – period. Take a proactive approach to air cleaning and learn as much as you can about indoor air quality and how to match the right air purifier


6. Arm Yourself with the Right Questions 

Whether you are looking for a general purpose air cleaner or an air purifier to address a specific indoor air problem (e.g. heavy odors, tobacco smoke or mold), you need information to make the best decision. Here are some of the most important questions to ask: