Guide to Maintaining Your AllerAir Filters

Filter Maintenance Guide 

You already know how important it is to maintain the filters in your air purification unit periodically for optimal air cleaning in your home or office. The working mechanism present in every air purifier is an air filtration system.The filtration system within your air purifier must be working in top condition to deliver refreshing, clean air in the environment it is purifying. 

Whether you are looking for replacement HEPA filters, carbon filters, pre-filters, or replacement filter packs, we have the right air filter replacement to suit your needs. 

Below are the techniques to verify when your filters need to be replaced:


Pre Filter 


HEPA Filter


Carbon Filter


*Please take note that the above estimated time periods all vary and depend on your usage and the odors / contaminants in your space. However, the above is best used as an estimate and general guideline.