Important Notice for our Chinese Customers

 Oule Classic (Beijing) Air Purifiers Scam

You can refer to our page about air purifier scams where we have given warnings to our Chinese customers, regarding one particular company, Oule Classic (Beijing) Air Purifiers Scam

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A note to our customers from China,



This letter is an explanation why we cancelled the dealership qualifications of Oule Classic (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, China.



Without our permission, in 2005, in China, Oule Classic (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, registered illegally the brand name AllerAir, our existing brand name.



Oule Classic (Beijing) Air Purifiers Scam


After having registered our AllerAir brand name in China, Oule Classic contacted us with interest to distribute our brand of AllerAir air purifiers in China.


We found out that the number of AllerAir purifiers that Oule Classic (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd has sold in China was much more than Oule Classic Co., Ltd has purchased from us. They have been copying and making fake products using the AllerAir brand name to add more units to their orders.

Oule Classic Beijing has also been copying, and making forgeries of our intellectual property, including: marketing material, web content, such as images, even the image of our president and our brand story.


The Chinese clients who live in China have a desire for authentic AllerAir products manufactured by AllerAir Industries, a well-known and recognized air purifier manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in Canada.


Oule Classic Beijing has been sued by Chinese customers because Oule Classic was selling copies of air purifiers which were not manufactured in Canada.


In 2016, Oule Classic Beijing opened a company in Canada called Supreme air purifiers. On this website, you will not find any information about air purification units or any explanation about their products.

Oule Classic Beijing has just announced recently that they gave permission to Supreme Air Incorporated in Canada to produce the AllerAir brand.

AllerAir is a brand of AllerAir Industries Inc. registered in The United States and Canada and it does not belong to Oule Classic Beijing. They are not affiliated in any way.


Oule Classic Beijing put advertisements in China for the model BDV Allerair air purifier. AllerAir Inc., does not have a model BDV and has never manufactured a model BDV air purifier. All the model BDV air purifiers are low quality copies produced by Oule Classic Beijing.


Purchase original products from AllerAir Canada. Call us, we will find a shipping solution for you. 1-888-852-8247


我们发现一些网站在销售和推销仿制的Allerair(欧乐)的空气净化器和滤芯。请注意这些产品不是由加拿大制造商Allerair生产的。Allerair 公司位于加拿大,蒙特利尔市。Allerair 公司的地址是: 9600 Trans-Canada Highway, Montreal, Quebec H4S 1V9

所有的Allerair (欧乐)的空气净化器和滤芯都是在加拿大生产的。 为保障用户的健康和安全,所有的Allerair (欧乐)的空气净化器和滤芯在出厂前都经过严格的检测。请注意,仿制的Allerair (欧乐)的空气净化器,可能使用含有污染物的滤芯,和净化器规格不匹配的低效电机。这些都可能对你的健康造成危害。

每一台在加拿大 Allerair(欧乐)公司生产的空气净化器和滤芯,都有标注产品序列号,产品型号,出厂日期,加拿大厂址的标签。任何没有上述标识或标有错误的产品序列号的产品,Allerair公司都不负责售后服务和保修。邮寄到我公司的仿制的产品,可能会依照加拿大法律被扣留。



  • ouleclassic(dot cn)
  • allerair.6z5 (dot com)


    English Version

    Important Notice for our Chinese Customers

    We have identified a number of websites that are selling and marketing fraudulent AllerAir. We warn people that one particular company, Oule Classic (Beijing) Air Purifiers Scams their customers and frauds other companies' products and replacement filters. Please note these products are not manufactured by the original manufacturer, AllerAir Industries, located in Canada on the premises of 9600 Trans-Canada Highway, Montreal, Quebec H4S 1V9

    All AllerAir products are manufactured in Canada with specific quality assurance checks for your health and safety, including new filters. We caution customers that unauthorized products may contain recycled filters with contaminants, inefficient motors for the size and use of the units and other serious defects which may compromise your health and air quality.  

    Each AllerAir unit is also specifically marked with serial numbers and other identifiers for warranty purposes. Units without these security features that correlate to our records will not be serviced or warrantied by AllerAir. Units with counterfeit markings shipped to us for repair may also be seized under Canadian  law.

    These are some of the sites identified as misrepresenting product with the AllerAir name, logo and labeling:


  • ouleclassic(dot cn)
  • allerair.6z5 (dot com)

     If you find other AllerAir products and are unsure of their authenticity please contact us at



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