Oule Classic (Beijing) Air Purifiers

Spotlight on Deceptive Company in China: Oule Classic (Beijing) Air Purifier

Oule Classic Beijing Technology Company

There are deceitful companies, such as Oule Classic using other brands' design, content and brand without permission and selling low quality copies that are misrepresentations of the authentic brands they imitate.

Scammer companies such as Oule Classic (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd is a fraudulent company in China with deceptive business practices and an inherent lack of respect towards their clients or North American manufacturers. Oule is a classic example of a company that churns and burns with no creativity, offering no value to the community, except deception and low grade air purifiers that are no more than knock offs. They copy brands, rip off their design and ideas, use their trusted brand  name, logos, images, and other content without a care; Oule Classic will never create, they are part of that seed group of bad apples in the air purification industry.


Oule Classic is fake

Oule Classic: The Forgery Company 

What deceptive practices to look out for, is somewhat common to China, companies like Oule classic from Beijing, imitate an establish brand of air purifier machines and then they sell a cheap version of it as fast as possible. This type of company doesn't care about the fact that customers want authentic brands, such as AllerAir, unfortunately for AllerAir, Oule Classic will use our brand name, without permission with the aim to try to sell units as if they are actual AllerAir branded merchandise built with the relentless scrutiny that define our high standards. In reality, Oule Classic air purifiers are the lowest quality out there, because they do not care about the brand name, after all, it isn't theirs, they did not spend over 20 years building the AllerAir name up and maintaining loyal and devoted customers backed by a solid guarantee and dependable Canadian made air cleaning systems.

The Oule Classic brand in reality, are fake copies akin to the loads of shoddy black market merchandise that makes the rounds. Oule Classic makes unauthorized units with our branding and falsely represents our brand. This is an example that is unfortunately prominent in the air purification industry especially in certain regions of the world. AllerAir invests into the livelihood of our customers and we build long lasting and hard working air cleaning systems to protect our biggest asset, our loyal and devoted customers, who want to improve their indoor air quality.

The most common tactic for Oule classic air purifiers is to leech an existing brand, such as ours, who have worked hard for years selling to their loyal customers. Then, Oule Classic makes a cheap copy of our models and sells them in China using our name that we spent 20 years building. This Oule classic air purifier scam works like a two edged sword. Remember, Oule Classic air cleaners offer cheap copies but they use our brand name and this is damaging because they associating our brand with they copies version of our air purification units. This is an easy scam to overcome. Oule classic manufactures copies and then takes an existing brand. For real and authentic AllerAir brands, you are on our websiote and we welcome you to the authentic and true manufacturer of some of the best air purifiers ever made with the most carbon and toughest HEPA filtration you can find. Don't let the Oule Classic Air purifier scam catch you off guard, only buy quality name brands especially if its for your heath and family or loved ones.