Super HEPA Filtration - Optimal Indoor Air Quality

Information about our Super HEPA Filters

The word HEPA, of course, stands for high-efficiency particulate air.

When AllerAir first introduced its Super-HEPA particle filter a few years ago, it quickly became a sought-after component in specialty units. Used primarily in AllerAir’s MCS air purifiers for those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities, it soon became an option for other customers as well.

A HEPA filter is a must-have in air purifiers to remove fine particles from the ambient air. That’s because the Super-HEPA surpasses a regular HEPA in many ways, especially when it comes to off-gassing and resilience, as explained in the list below.



Super HEPA exclusive to AllerAir

The HEPA filters of today were developed over time, starting with the Manhattan Project to remove small radioactive particles. In the 1960s, an affordable pleated HEPA filter was patented and became available to the public.

AllerAir has used medical-grade HEPA filters in its air purifiers from the start and soon began searching for new technologies to provide alternatives. It introduced the Super-HEPA as early as 2011 in its MCS air purifiers.

In view of its advantages, AllerAir recently upgraded particle filters in all of its units to the Super-HEPA.

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The Advantages of Super-HEPA? 

The Super-HEPA filter has a proven track record in AllerAir’s air purifiers. Paired with a deep-bed activated carbon filter to remove airborne chemicals, odors and irritating volatile organic compounds, it delivers outstanding overall protection from indoor air pollution.