UV Air Sanitizer & Purifier

The AllerAir UV Air Sanitizer is a custom made air purifier solution that was designed and custom manufactured as a space saver solution for a leading call center. The design of the unit has a small foot print with the velocity of a large Air Purifier. The Air Cleaner is designed with 2 x 10 Watt UVC bulbs and activated carbon filter powered by a 360 CFM blower. The compact unit can filter an area of 500 Sq Ft with a 8' ceiling giving 2 Air Exchanges per Hour.

UV Air Sanitizer

The UV Air Sanitizer has a unique internal design that utilizes the small confined space to clean and sanitize air more effectively than a UV based air purifier.

The internal design is comprised of a two channel chamber system, where air is drawn in through the top of the unit with a powerful 360 CFM blower and forced through the two channel chamber, where air passes through the two UV bulbs, then forced through the activated carbon filter, then the sanitized air is vented out of the back of the unit.

The space saver air purifier can be placed under a desk or table in a room, to maximize floor space.

Unit dimensions are 16"x13"x7"

The unit is on 4 castor wheels, can be moved around easily.

Made of steel with a powder coat paint, which does not off-gas. 

The strong and effective fan pulls airborne particulate, microorganisms and ambient air into the unit.

Space saver design with maximum filtration coverage.

Available through AllerAir only. Contact us for details