Why AllerAir Air Purifiers?

Why AllerAir Purifiers for chemicals, gases and odors

At AllerAir we have one goal, that's to provide the cleanest air possible with the most powerful air purifiers for your home and office. Our units are locally assembled and feature the deepest activated carbon beds for cleaning the widest range of air pollutants. Our unique HEPA + activated carbon filtration system is your best defense against indoor air pollutants and poor indoor air quality. More than any other company, AllerAir is driven to provide you with the most efficient air cleaning solution that will treat the widest range of pollutants. We are the best at what we do and here’s why:

AllerAir Air Filtration System

A deeper carbon filter means cleaner air

Very few air cleaners actually target the full range of pollutants we breathe every day. That’s why AllerAir air purifiers combine efficient particle filtration with an activated carbon filter that removes airborne chemicals, gases and odors. In fact, we offer the deepest carbon filters, of any leading company, anywhere. A deeper bed of carbon filer means cleaner air and in most cases, fewer filter changes.

Reinventing the HEPA filter

High efficiency particulate air filters or HEPA filters have essentially not changed in 50 years. While effective at trapping particles, they remain a fragile mass of fibers with a glue-like bonding agent, caged in metal to protect it from damage. We knew there had to be something better. So AllerAir pioneered the use of SuperHEPA. Our exclusive particle filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles and contains no bonding agents. It’s safe and easy to handle, can’t be damaged in transport and is safe for people sensitive to chemicals and odors. This exceptional filter is only available from AllerAir.

Customized filters and more options

As experts in activated carbon filtration, we have sourced over 40 blends of carbon to better treat common and complex airborne chemicals, gases and odors. We also offer a full range of options including UV germicidal filtration, special filters for tobacco and smoke and a full range of special order colors.

A better unit built to meet your needs, at the best value for your money

As the manufacturer, we have cultivated relationships with suppliers that allow us to buy the best materials and parts at the best possible price. We pass those savings on to you. Manufactured exclusively in North America, we supply over 500 model configurations to give you exactly what you need at a great price. 

AllerAir has been changing lives through cleaner air since 1996. Learn more.