MobileAir Plus Desktop Air Purifier - Carbon & HEPA


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Versatile, Compact, MobileAir Plus Desktop Air Purifier. 

Air Purifier Anywhere...

The MobileAir Plus Desktop Air Purifier, is an air purification solution. The Desktop Air Purifier with carbon and True HEPA filters is mobile, can be used anywhere, In a room, in a car, or in the office at work. The Desktop air cleaner features 3 stages of filtration to clean the air in the room, LED UV-C is optional. 

Learn more about the MobileAir Plus Desktop Air Purifier and see videos: Desktop Air Purifier


  •    Filtration System Activated VOC carbon filter, True HEPA filter H13 rated at 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns
       Carbon cartridge 2.25 lbs.
       Surface Area of Carbon
    250 acres
       True HEPA H13 rated at 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns
       CFM 295
       Speed Variable
       UV Light Optional LED UV-C (50,000 Hours)
       Available Colors Pewter
       Voltage 12V DC
       Amps (115V/230V) 3.5
       Cord Length 6 feet
       Noise Level 40-69 dB (low to high)
       Maneuverability Lightweight and portable
       Filter Access Bottom screws
       Motor Details Axial 
       Dimensions 5" (Height) x 11" (Diameter) 
       Shipping Weight Approx. 15 lbs.
       Operating Weight 6.8 lbs.
       Number of Units per Pallet Multiple
       CSA/UL Yes
  • Part Name Part Number Price
    Carbon Canister 1" Vocarb A3FCW703 $89.98 USD
    MobileAir Plus Pre-Filter (4 Pack)
    A3FSP002-4 $14.98 USD
    A3FCW*** $**.98 USD
    Wall Power Supply 12VDC  w/Variable Speed Control A4EL12VWL $25.00 USD
    Car Adapter 12VDC w/Variable Speed Control
    A3FCW*** $**.98 USD