Compact Air Purifiers for Small Rooms Travel & More

The Airmed Series has a vast array of models to cover assorted small rooms/kitchen, offices, office kitchens, cubicles, walk in closets at many levels of strength in  purifying the air. All this in a portable and compact powerhouse. We all have small rooms or areas that need a refresher course in good indoor air quality. Lots of diaper changes in the nursery, musty smell in the walk-in closet? You want cleaner air in your storage areas or bathroom. You may be sensitive to airborne pollutants and travel a lot.

You will notice a progression in the carbon weight and carbon depth of our models in this series. More carbon weight and depth provides more powerful air purification with more adsorption and dwell time. What is dwell time? 

Read about our Exec and Vocarb carbon blends available for you to choose.  AllerAir is always happy to customize your activated carbon blend or anything else you need tailor made to your specific needs in order to solve your particular situation.                              

Bigger rooms bigger problems? Check out the AirMed 3 Tower or our best selling line of models in the AirMedic Pro 5 series.

Great for travel when hotel rooms need cleaning that require a more professional and powerful approach to gaining healthy levels of indoor air. There are many hotels and motels who have managers and decision makers that are aware of the demand by their customers as the modern approach to cleaner indoor air with pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filters.

Not all hospitality establishments are anywhere near making the suitable changes to update and adapt appropriately. Modern trends have seen it become illegal to smoke indoors as one great leap forward. Another leap forward is cleaning the air in the room you stay in when you travel. The air you breathe at home or on the road should be clean and free from being potentially filled with ammonia, asbestos, formaldehyde or other dangerous airborne chemicals leering inside.

The AirMed series is compact and light enough to move around as needed or take with you when traveling, and you can choose additional protection from contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses by adding UV germicidal filtration.