The air purification units within the AirMed series, offers compact air purification with carbon and HEPA filtration.

You will have cleaner air in small rooms and small kitchens, larger closets or wherever you may need relief in compact areas. Move it from to room, take it along as a clean air travel companion or use it in your RV, office, home or studio. The quality air filtration you'd expect from AllerAir, in the most portable and convenient format.

The hospitality industry is not always up to date with what customers are demanding. Air quality issues are one of those topics than can often get overlooked by insensitive hotel developers or management. Bring along your own portable unit that will clean the air in your regular sized hotel room. Our models increase with the weight and depth of the activated carbon incrementally. You can customize whatever it is you choose by giving us a call. Learn more about our carbon blends or call to customize whatever aspect it is you need to solve your specific indoor air quality issues. 

If it is more powerful cleaning for regular and larger sized rooms then we have an excellent collection called the AirMedic Pro 5 series that is certain to be of interest to you.