Odor & Chemical Solutions

Recognized as an industry leader in chemical, VOC and odor control, AllerAir makes serious air cleaning affordable for the home and office. Our air purifiers recommended in this category feature the largest deep-bed activated carbon filters available to allow toxins and odors the maximum dwell time.

For premium chemical and odor protection, select one of our air purifiers with deep-bed activated carbon to eradicate hard-to-treat chemicals and strong odors.

Do I choose a DX, D or Vocarb?

All models in the D class will provide protection in areas where heavy concentrations of chemicals or odors are present. The main difference between the two is the saturation point of the activated carbon filter. The DX offers the most carbon and the deepest filter bed allowing it to absorb more toxins than the D model.

A vocarb-blend unit is designed for the user who is concerned about household or office volatile organic compounds (VOC's), gases and odors, and who may also require particle protection.

Dwell time is vital for cleaning airborne chemicals and odors. The longer these toxins are forced to hang-around or dwell in the carbon filter, the more likely they are to get adsorbed. That's why a small carbon filter or carbon mesh will have little to no affect on odors and chemicals - the toxins can't dwell in the filter long enough to be trapped or the filter is quickly saturated.