Air Purifiers to Remove Smoke Odor

Challenges of Cleaning the Air by Removing Tobacco Smoke

Tobacco smoke consists of tars, water vapor, carbon dioxide, nicotine and over 400 other chemicals. Tars accumulate on draped, furniture, clothing, walls and other surfaces and continue to release tar vapors and odors long after active smoking has stopped.

Smoke presents a unique air quality challenge. The complex mix of fine particles, widely ranging chemicals (depending on what’s burning) and penetrating odor requires a special air purifier. Units in the DS and DXS range come with a tar-trapping filter which traps sticky pollutants that would otherwise clog the main filters. DS and DXS models also come with a special carbon blend to better attract and trap smoke chemicals and odors. DXS is the largest of the smoking filters, while the DS is ideal for moderate levels of smoke.

Mass-market air cleaners as a whole are largely unreliable when it comes to most types of odor control, especially smoke. Even the most expensive HEPA-type air purifier can’t remove chemicals and smoke odors. That’s because a particle filter is not designed to capture the gases and chemicals that make up about 90% of second-hand smoke. To successfully remove chemicals, gases and odors an air purifier needs to have a filter capable of trapping pollutants.

Second-hand smoke and cooking odors tops the list of condo/apartment complaints along with other unpleasant odors. An AllerAir air purifier will solve these issues. The air in the room is effectively cleaned and recirculated. There is no need to bring in energy consuming outdoor air. Leaving the DS unit on while the area is inactive removes lingering odor from tars accumulated on surfaces leaving fresh air and a much more comfortable living space for you and your guests.


AllerAir Air Purifiers with the Tar-Trapping Filters, Combined with Activated Carbon Filtration

The tar-trapping filter traps tar in the same way a cigarette filter works. The activated carbon absorbs the airborne chemicals, gases and odors. Activated carbon absorbs up to 60% of its own weight of airborne chemical compounds. Remove your smoke odors permanently. AllerAir air purifiers do not mask odors and chemicals or move them to another area -they are removed permanently.